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Dental clinic in Hungary - Denis & Focus

Customer Service

The vast majority of patients who report about dental treatments at us were really satisfied with the treatment (quality, painless, advisory, good organisation) and tell us only positive things. Patients appreciate our friendliness and language skills; they definitely enjoy that we take our time for them and always put them into central stage. They also enjoy that treatments are performed in quick steps and are inexpensive.

High quality aesthetic supplements
Gently? Fast? Inexpensive?

  • Are you longing for first-class dental treatment?
  • Performed by well-qualified dentists and oral surgeons
  • meeting international standards,
  • inexpensive,
  • free of pain?

Your benefits at us!

Denis & Focus Dental Clinic in Hungary is one of the best dental clinics in the country which is specialised in aesthetic dentistry, founded in 1999. As a patient you are in best hands with us because everything matches! Since insurance companies do not pay for dental treatments anymore, patients are looking for new ways and these lead more and more often to us in Hungary for new teeth. In Austria, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK more and more people think "teeth are impossible to pay". In Denis & Focus Dental Clinic dentists speaking English and German work on European niveau. Treatment costs are about only one third of those in Western Europe. More and more patients come to us from abroad with the thoughts: "I am flying to another country where I am getting the same quality treatment and best service for lower price.

Next to good quality and price, excellent service speaks for us: best customer service! That can help you face your anxiety because you understand what is going on. Of course, there are much more pleasant things than undergoing dental treatment. But appropriate ambience, friendly service, patient explanations make your treatment at us more transparent and help you put the treatment behind you in the most positive way. Sometimes we even see patients who look forward to their next appointment.

The first dental clinic in Hungary which has been awarded with the certificates ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT- AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS of MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 - MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009.
(national European international)

Dental Clinic in Hungary Dental Clinic in Hungary

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Some alternatives which speak for us:

  • dental treatments with the same treatment methods and materials as in Western Europe
  • short waiting time
  • high quality
  • aesthetic end result
  • nice atmosphere
  • fast treatment time
  • telephone number free of charge
  • monitored car park free of charge
  • English speaking personnel
  • first examination and detailed advisory free of charge
  • car park free of charge
  • first examination and detailed advisory free of charge
  • English speaking personnel awaits you
  • good price: labour costs are low, prices are more transparent than in Western Europe
  • good service: our dentists and employees are really friendly, customer oriented and take their time for examinations
  • good optical results: our supplies look beautifully
  • our invoices can be used for tax-reimbursement

The benefits you have as our patient:

  • controlled organisations and treatment processes make competent advisory, treatment and continual medical care possible
  • professional attendance of the team (we are also open on Saturdays)
  • best cooperation between dentist, employees and dental technicians
  • continual post gradual trainings make it possible for our dentists to get the latest scientific findings to know
  • optimal structuration of the praxis

General information about our dental clinic in Hungary and our services

We send you our kindest regards from Hungary and thank you for being interested in our dental clinic in Hungary. We would like to cordially invite you to visit us so that we can convince you about our effectiveness and the high technical standard of our dental clinic here at us. Patients do not need to be afraid of dental treatments, neither do you.

The Highest Percept:

Our dental clinic is specialised in implant prosthetics and aesthetic dental replacements. The main aim of our clinic and our dentists is the satisfaction of our patients. We always try to make our dental treatments stress-free and pain-free as far as possible.

Our dentists:

Dentists at our dental clinic in Hungary have a lot of experience, are highly qualified and work patiently and with a lot of sympathy. We are especially proud of our dental surgeon, who is the best-qualified oral surgeon in Northwest Hungary. Of course, all our dentists take part in postgraduate trainings continually and also visit international congresses and symposia so that they are always aware of the newest stand of technology and scientific findings.

Treatment Options and Cost Plan:

An exact Treatment Options and Cost Plan can be given to you based on an actual x-ray or after a first examination free of charge at our dental clinic in Hungary. It would also be a great help to us if you could send us the Treatment Options and Cost Plan compiled for you by your dentist at home. Should you have one, send it to us via e-mail, post or per fax so that we can compile you our non-binding Treatment Options and Cost Plan.


Should you have a wish for an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us. We are flexible and always do our best to satisfy the needs of our patients'. Should you be also interested in booking accommodation we can help you with booking the most appropriate one for you. Our opening hours are the following: Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. and Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00. p.m. We kindly ask you for appointment reservation in advance.

What we offer you free of charge:

Advisory free of charge, 3 years guarantee on prosthetic works, Treatment Options and Cost Plan, certificate, toll free phone number, monitored car park, wireless internet (Wi-fi).

Our prices are fixed prices and already contain dentist's fee, material and labour costs. All materials and devices meet EU standards.


Paying may follow in cash either in Euro, Hungarian Forint or British Pound; furthermore, Visa and Master Cards are also accepted. As our official currency is Hungarian Forint, when paying by card, the amount will be changed into Hungarian Forint according to the current rate of the day. Your first examination is free of charge. If you do not have a panoramic x-ray, you can have it done here at our dental clinic. This service costs € 40 and you can take your panoramic x-ray with you home, burnt on a CD. After starting with your treatment you have to make a down payment which will be confirmed on your Treatment Options and Cost Plan. The rest needs to be paid on completion of the prosthetic work, at this point you receive the official invoice which you can use eventually for handing in to your insurance company and tax reimbursement. Oral surgical treatments have to be paid immediately after the treatment. After operations (implantation, bone build-up, sinus lifting, surgical extraction, resection) you receive an official invoice and a so called implant pass.

What our clinic offers for you in Hungary:

  • advisory free of charge, panoramic x-ray for € 40 which you can take with you home on a CD
  • first class diagnosis based on x-ray
  • stress free and painless solutions for tooth problems, mouth hygienic treatment, tartar removal with ultrasound
  • modern, aesthetic fillings hardening to light
  • implantation/implants, bone build-up/ sinus lifting
  • oral surgical treatments
  • implant crowns made of metal, gold, titanium and zircon
  • porcelain and gold fillings, gradia inlay/onlay, veneer
  • metal fused to ceramic, gradia crown
  • noble metal crowns (gold, galvanic, titanium), porcelain crowns (zircon, empress)
  • aesthetic dental replacements, full dentures or full dentures with gold net
  • three-year-guarantee on all prosthetic works, certificate

Our high quality dental technician labour makes it possible for us that we can produce even really specific dental replacements in just 10 days.

How you can find us:

Our dental clinic is in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary. This is the first town after the Austrian border crossing "Nickelsdorf". Mosonmagyaróvár is 94 Km from Vienna.


Of course, our dental clinic in Hungary can help you with booking accommodation –meeting your requirements – and can organise everything for you. Mostly, we would like to recommend our own Beach-Appartements where you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience while undergoing dental treatment. Or write an e-email to ,,, or and they will definitely be able to help you with finding the most appropriate accommodation for you.

Patients with infection risk:

At our dental clinic we do not have the opportunity to treat patients with infectious diseases for example Aids and Hepatitis C. Giving therapy and performing dental treatments on such patients is controlled by strict regulations and require special sanitary equipment, therefore, they can only be performed in hospitals.

We would be happy to greet you at our dental clinic in person.

We would be happy to hear about you later on and we are available for you at any times.

Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on our toll free phone number and make an appointment when you will be cordially expected!

We hope to receive a bright smile from you as the sign of your satisfaction and thankfulness at the end of your treatment.

We remain in deep respect and hope to see you soon personally. Our best regards from Hungary

Denis & Focus Dental Clinic in Hungary.

Our free telephone number from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom:

00800 9200 9200

Telephone number: 0036 96 566 042
Fax Number: 0036 96 566 049
Your dentistry in Hungary: Denis & Focus Dentistry
2. Károly Street, H-9200 Mosonmagyaróvár

Dental clinic in Hungary
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