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My friend, the tooth – or: how can tooth loss and full dentures change the social contacts of people concerned

Do you have a tooth gap, edentulous jaw or are you imminent to a tooth removal with complete toothlessness?

Or does your dental prosthesis cause you problems and you are looking for fixed dentures?

Implant-borne dentures provide you NUMEROUS ADVANTAGES:

  • No palatal plate, no nausea!
  • Best chewing function and aesthetics as in case of your own, natural teeth!
  • Highest durability! Prevention of bone loss
  • High-quality and aesthetic dentures with great stability!
  • Best wearing comfort with the highest quality of life! 

Problems caused by teeth may lead to the situation, that concerned people withdraw themselves completely.

  • People suffering from edentulism seem to be aged for years.
  • Emotional and health problems may be caused by edentulism.
  • Dental prosthesis are sometimes uncomfortable and attract unpleasant attention.
The loss of the teeth and wearing full dentures can lead to further health problems such as sores, pain, nausea, poor chewing ability, poor wearing comfort and reduction of the jaw bone. Seldom considered is the emotional distress, which is caused by poorly fitting dentures or missing teeth. Edentulism does not only influence the oral functions negatively but also one’s social life and day-to-day activities. Compromised oral function has been linked to decreased self-esteem and a decline in psychosocial well-being. Edentulous people may avoid participation in social activities because they are embarrassed to speak, smile or eat in front of others.

Perfectly sitting dentures or fixed dental prosthesis seem to appear even more important in this context. Because only those people who wear fixed dentures can be confident, that their dentures won’t move while speaking, laughing or eating.

Major changes in appearance may have a negative impact on self-confidence and therefore also on the social behaviour of affected people.

Edentulism has often the effect, as if the face structure has “collapsed”, so total tooth loss accelerates facial ageing.  Edentulous individuals have to deal with altered appearance, as loss of teeth changes their facial structure. There is a huge change in a person’s looks because the teeth which support the facial muscles are no longer present. In addition functional restrictions may appear, such as speech abnormalities, insufficient chewing function and it also has a great effect on our self-esteem, well-being and social behaviour. In contrast those patients who decided for fixed dentures are often amazed and overwhelmed by the result.

Which alternative treatments can be offered in case of edentulism or tooth malposition?

Our dentist will determine the possible alternatives for treatment in your case at our dental clinic. He will explain the details of the treatment and in consideration of your wishes he will issue recommendations for the best solution in your individual situation. Be well advised by our dentists, who will recommend the best alternatives of treatment for you. First of all, we will examine your health status at the Denis & Focus Dental clinic and whether your bone jaw is suitable for the insertion of implants. Furthermore it is of major importance if adequate amount of bone material is suitable for implantation.

The success rate in case of dental implants is very high. The ingrowth is successful in 95 per cent of the cases. After 10 years 90 per cent of the implants are still functioning. Dental implants can last a lifetime. Good oral hygiene and continuous oral care are essential in order to exclude complications and the loss of the implants.

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