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My friend, the tooth – or: how can bad, damaged, discoloured teeth affect the social contacts of people concerned?

  • Are your teeth strongly discoloured, blunt or displaced?
  • Do you have old fillings, dentures which you do not like any more or which do not close or function properly?
  • You don ot feel safe and confident in your everyday life, because your teeth are not healthy?

Different kinds of dentures (starting with crowns trough to removable dentures) provide EXCELLENT POSSIBILITIES

- Missing teeth can be replaced.
- They provide good appearance.
- Long-lasting dentures even in one week.
- Personal charisma and well-being can be regained.
- They fulfil chewing and speech function reliably.
- They give a harmonious facial expression.
- They mean quality of life.
- They influence our whole self-esteem and our appearance.

What can crowns provide you?

Crowns follow the example of beauty and nature. They are able to restore the function of natural teeth completely – so they can maintain and return your natural well-being and your natural radiance in the long-term. Dental crowns can be preserved with good oral hygiene for a very long time. The chewing function can be completely restored by dental crowns or removable dentures.

Problems in connection with teeth often lead to the situation, that concerned people exclude themselves, they retreat from social activities, they are ashamed because of their teeth and are afraid to laugh. Major changes may have negative impact on self-confidence and therefore also on the social behaviour of affected people. People who have damaged, destroyed teeth, old and discoloured crowns, wish for more beautiful and new dentures. It should be as beautiful, white and natural as possible and it should restore the function of the original teeth.

The impact of aesthetic on general well-being cannot be ignored, as aesthetic is a part of good appearance and is essential for good self-esteem. Beautiful, white, maintained teeth contribute to the inner harmony of the individual and result in positive impression, furthermore they provide significantly better quality of life.

Which alternative treatments can be offered in case of tooth damage?

There are many reasons which can result in tooth damage: for example addictions, an accident, bad oral hygiene and caries. However, we have good news for you: our specialists have various possibilities to restore your smile.

Our dentist will determine the possible alternatives for treatment in your case at our dental clinic. He will explain the details of the treatment and in consideration of your wishes he will issue recommendations for the best solution in your individual situation. Be well advised by our dentists, who will recommend the best alternatives of treatment for you.

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