What actually distinguishes a tooth clinic from the others?

  • Their past: a dental clinic, which has existed for decades, is a guarantee for good work
  • Patient experience: if a clinic is recommended by patients
  • Sophisticated ambience: the care of the smallest detail
  • Flexibility: customer-oriented opening times, availability
  • Opinion research among patients
  • Customer support also before and after the treatment
  • Constant development, well-equipped offices
  • That certain something: returning patients are welcomed as friends
  • ISO certificates for quality assurance and environmental protection guarantee you reliability and international standard
  • Comprehensive information material and fast organization
  • Comfortable waiting room, friendly atmosphere
  • Information letter and newsletters reporting on innovations and news
  • Transparent, painless and stress-free treatments
  • Contact with health insurances and private insurance companies

You can find all this with us, at your Denis & Focus Dental Clinic! Our many patients' recommendations are the guarantee for our reliability. Patients appreciate our competence, friendliness and language skills, they obviously enjoy that we take our time to focus on them. Thanks to generous scheduling, we are able to look after you carefully, attentively and patiently.

More than 20,000 satisfied patients have been treated by our competent dentists since 2000. Our dentists perform more than 8,000 dental treatments every year. A success rate of 99% for non-risk patients speaks for itself.

Quality is the absolute priority of our clinic. A denture that lasts a long time is the prerequisite for patients to take up a long journey to our clinic. Not least one of the reasons why the reputation of the dental clinic is already a long way ahead of the specialists from Hungary. Patients are no longer coming only from German-speaking countries, but from all over the world.

We treat thousands of patients annually, in contrast to small dental offices. This means a lot of experience, a lot of practice and a wide range of solutions. Our oral surgeons have placed in thousands of implants and they have plenty of experience with different impant system.  At our clinic you are in safe hands. Here you will find dentists who find good prosthetic solutions for complicated cases, even when others have already given up.

In addition to hospitality, our all-round service is a matter of course. Customer care plays a very important role and inspires hundreds of patients every year.

But not only good prices speak for Hungary. In recent decades, we got to know the needs of patients from all over the world, and of course have adapted our services to them. We use brands whose names are internationally recognized to convince everyone of our top quality. As a result of high demand we are able to realize the most modern innovations and practices of dental medicine.

We can proudly say that Hungary is at the forefront of dental care.

When it comes to your dental health, trust in right experts!

If you have further questions, we are happy to help you. We look forward to your appointment request, so that we can satisfy you and win your trust.

We remain with respect and in anticipation of the personal encounter.

From the fixed net free of charge under 00800 9200 9200

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