Why Patients from Abroad Keep Coming to Hungary for Dental Treatments?

Dental Tourism

The Hungarian town of Mosonmagyaróvár lies 90 kilometres from Vienna and 30 kilometres from Bratislava. Patients have already been coming for dental treatments since the early 1990s to have their teeth repaired for lowest prices. At the beginning they were mainly Austrian people. Since, however, insurance companies reimburse only a minimum of the cost of medical treatments and cut-price airlines make travelling more affordable, the number of German, Irish, Italian, Swiss and British tourist have grown considerably.

Price Differential

Prices of dental treatments can be up to two thirds lower of the prices charged in the UK. You can receive simple ceramic crowns from € 160 in Mosonmagyaróvár. The lowest price in Western Europe is from € 500. In the case of more elaborate treatments like implants differences are even bigger. Hungarian dentists charge from € 550 upwards per item for them. In the UK dental replacements cost £ 2000 on average, so more than double than Hungarian prices.

Payroll procedure for dental treatments performed abroad

As NHS only pay rolls the most necessary, emergency dental interventions, patients from the UK have no other choice, than to contact their private insurances regarding some special forms needed to be filled in for pay rolling for a dental treatment performed abroad.
We are advising all our patients to get a form for dental treatments abroad before starting with the treatment so that we can fill the form properly. Furthermore, our invoices can also be used for tax – reimbursement which must be arranged with your book - keeper.

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