Guarantee conditions at the Denis & Focus dental clinic

Guarantee on dentures

You have received your new dentures at our clinic today. In order to become familiar with our guarantee conditions, we inform you about these as follows:

The comprehensive warranty of our Denis & Focus Dental Centre includes the free of charge repair or restoration of the dental prosthesis within a period up to 10 years.

Guarantee for dentures

  • 10 years for implants (only on the product)
  • 3 years for crowns and bridges (except for temporary crowns)
  • 3 years for inlays and onlays (except for temporary solutions)
  • 3 years for veneers
  • 3 years for partial dentures (cast prosthesis)
  • 3 years for hybrid prosthesis (slide, locator system) (except for  the change of plastic caps in the precision element)
  • 3 years for full dentures (except for temporary dentures and breakage of the dentures)
  • 1 year for composite fillings (except for temporary fillings)

Warranty conditions

  • In case of warranty work by the dental laboratory or the dentist the Denis & Focus Dental Centre is obliged to restore the dentures free of charge or to carry out the necessary repairs.
  • In order to maintain validity of guarantee patient is obliged to visit our dental centrum for check-ups  at least once a year (according to method statement) and tartar removal which can be done  at our clinic.
  • If the patient suffers from periodontitis and he/she also got treatment in connection with this, the patient has to attend dental examinations at least two or three times a year. The Denis & Focus Dental Centre can not be held responsible for unforeseen, but necessary root canal treatments on the basis of inflammation of teeth, which occur after the insertion of dentures.

Restrictions of Guarantee

Guarantee expires or is reduced in the following cases:

  • if the patient does not attend the annual control examination
  • if the patient neglects oral hygiene
  • if the dentist’s instructions in connection with the care and handling of dentures are not followed (for example proper insertion or removal of dentures, or the use of night guards).
  • if removable dentures are not stored and cared properly
  • if dentures are damaged due to a shock/hit or fall off
  • in case of gingival or bone regression
  • if the patient has lost much weight in a short period of time or he/she has drastically gained weight.
  • if the patient begins to suffer from illnesses, which influence the condition of the teeth (for example osteoporosis, diabetes, epilepsy, the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy)
  • if patient or another dentist not working at our clinic undertakes changes or corrections on the denture produced by Denis & Focus Dental Centrum

Should you have any further questions, we are at your disposal.

We look forward to your hearing your appointment request, so we can convince you of the high quality our services and win your confidence.

We remain in deep respect and hope to see you soon personally.

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