100 € Voucher

Would you like to receive 100€ gifted?

• We thought of you because you love high quality and because you know what the word responsibility means.
• We thought of you because you like to receive the best. 
• We thought of you because you appreciate natural beauty.
• We thought of you because you deserve to be able to use this opportunity.

When you start with a treatment for crowns at our clinic where the value of crowns is over  1000€ per jaw you can redeem a onetime voucher. The voucher can be applied for crowns apart from immediate crowns.  To be able to make use of this voucher you need to order the voucher through our website. You can redeem the voucher to a pre-booked appointment at our clinic. The value of the voucher is deducted from the final sum and is not to be asked for after the completion of the treatment. Different vouchers and promotions cannot be combined with each other. The 100 € voucher for prosthetic works is not  transferable.

Order your 100€ voucher to get the best price now!

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