Price example

Treatment Option – Alternative A

In this alternative a bridge of 3 crowns made of metallo-ceramic (the basis of the crown is made of metall and this basis is fused with ceramic) is cemented in. For finishing this dental replacement two appointments  are essential one week apart. After the first examination you have the opportunity to start with the treatment immediately. First, the teeth are prepared for the crowns (are grinded down), dental impressions are taken and you receive immediate crowns  so that speaking and chewing functions are maintained.
Our dental lab needs 5 working days to finish the bridge (crowns). After one week you have the second appointment and the crowns are cemented in, with this the treatment is finished.
ServicePrice NumberTotal price
Advisory + Treatment and cost plan free 1 -
Panoramic x-ray (when not existent) 40 € 1 40 €
Bridges / crowns 180 € 3 540 €
Local anaesthesia incl. 1 -
Advisory on oral hygiene incl. 1 -
Shoulder preparation 30 € 2 60 €
Laboratory costs incl. 1 -
Check-up of old tooth build-up, change of tooth build-up when essential incl. 1 -
Immediate crown (provisoric9 20 € 3 60 €
Total Cost of treatments 700 €

All prices include VAT.

Treatment option Alternative B:

In this alternative, 1 implant by Camlog® is used.
According to the experience of our dental clinic,  Camlog  is one of the most reliable implant systems. From the point of view of our dental technicians and implantologists, this system represent a more advanced technology. That's why we recommend you to opt for the Camlog implant system.
Five sessions are required for the treatment. Implantation is nowadays done routinely, the insertion of an  implant  takes about 15 minutes. One week after the implantation the stitches are to be removed. It is possible to have them removed at home by your GP.
After that, a healing period is essential. In case of the upper jaw it normally takes 4 months and in case of the lower jaw it normally takes 3 months.
After the healing period comes the second phase, the liberation of the implants  and the healing screws are put in. One week after the liberation, we take dental impressions, a tooth test and bite height control are made and in 7 working days the crowns are finished, which we can fix.
Before the fixation, the dentures can be tested to see if their shape, colour, height, width, length, thickness meet your visual and emotional needs. After that, the dentures can be glued in.
When planning treatments we strive for 100% safety. Therefore, the preparation and evaluation of a current CT scan(volume tomography) (120 EUR) is usually essential before surgical procedures. The cost of the CT is not calculated in the price example.
We cannot provide guarantee on the healing of implants, as it depends on the patient's own physical health (oral hygiene, periodontal disease, ejection, shrinkage etc.) The success rate for the osseointegration of dental implants is high. About 99% of the cases the implant heals successfully. After 10 years, 95% of the dental implants are still functioning. With good oral hygiene dental implants can last a lifetime. All prices including VAT.

ServicePriceNumberTotal price
Advisory + Treatment and Cost Plan free 1 -
Panoramic x-ray (before and after the implantation as a control) 40 € 3 120 €
Implant (CamLog®) 620 € 1 620 €
Universal abutement  260 € 1 260 €
Local anaesthesia, Surgical treatment, Laboratory costs incl. 1 -
Exposure 30 € 1 30 €
Medication 20 € 1 20 €
Implant crown 260 € 1 260 €
Total cost of treatments 1310 €
All prices include VAT.