Shoulder preparation

Stability, aesthetics, accuracy of fit and retention of crowns are influenced by tooth stump preparation, with other words the technique by which the tooth is grinded down.

To prevent that some parts are grinded down to be too thin, dentists and dental technicians prefer rounded preparation forms like the so called shoulder preparation with rounded down inner edges.

In terms of aesthetics, traditionally used tangential preparations do not meet the modern demands of patients. These old types of preparation can result in too long or too big crowns and brings disadvantages with accuracy of fit and marginal contours on the edge of the crown.


Shoulder preparation is regarded as a method of preparation which aims to protect as much tooth substance as possible. With this method good boarder seal quality and good, evident preparation boarder can be reached. It ensures the essential space on the edge of the tooth base (foot of the tooth) for lying on a crown. This way gingiva can be protected and stay healthy.


Shoulder preparation is a sophisticated, modern method of tooth preparation. It demands high precision on performing grinding down and procession of teeth, just as all other preparatory works too. It ensures that grey gingival margins do not emerge after the process of grinding down.

Shoulder preparation contributes to good aesthetic results and optimal mouth hygiene because the crown closes in a better way and infiltrations can be avoided. The edge of the crown lies properly on the tooth stump so crown and tooth are connected optimally, which ensures the durability and lifespan of crowns and that of the tooth under it.

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