Tooth bleaching

Professional Tooth Bleaching „Hollywood Smile”

Now only 200 € per jaw! This price contains mouth hygiene.

  • Are your teeth not white enough? 
  • Are your teeth not as white as you really wanted them to be? 
  • Are you disturbed by discolouring caused by coffee, tea and smoking? 


The Beyond Tooth Bleach Device solves all these problems.

  • in only 1 hour your teeth can look beautifully white
  • you can achieve magic end results
  • your teeth remain white up to two years and become whiter by 2-3 shades
  • this method has no side effects
  • does not perform any damages

This method is absolutely safe as cold light is applied on low temperature that is why and how the nerve does not get irritated. The bleaching liquid also contains water and does not come in contact with gingiva and so does not damage the teeth and gingiva.


Scientific articles prove that it is possible to bleach teeth with hydrogen peroxide effectively and safely. Gel is put on the teeth and is enlightened with a laser for 3 x 10 minutes. The Society of Dentists has been using this material for many years. It does not alter the structure of the teeth and does not cause any damage. The process only makes the teeth whiter and brighter. In the first three days after the process your teeth may be sensitive.


In the first 3 days you are NOT allowed to:

  • smoke, drink red wine, coffee or tea
  • consume any meals containing colorants

This treatment can be repeated in two weeks.

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