Dental implant Alpha Bio

Dental Implant Alpha Bio®

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are made of titanium, screw-like anchors which are particularly suited for integrating with human bone. Once inserted into the jaw they act as permanent replacement for tooth roots and become the stable support for one custom made replacement tooth or more.

When can an implant be beneficial for you?

1. If you are missing a single tooth

One implant with a crown can eliminate the need for tooth grinding and/or root canal of adjacent teeth. The need for more than one crown may also be eliminated.

Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Rehabilitation with an implant
Rehabilitation with a bridge

2. If you are missing several teeth

Implants eliminate the need for dentures which can chafe sensitive gum tissue, cause bone loss and offer only 40% of your true natural chewing ability.

Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Rehabilitation with a denture
Rehabilitation with several implants

3. If you have no teeth

Implants can help stabilize and anchor your dentures. Unfortunately dentures are not th ebest replacement for natural teeth. Dentures can be wobbly and their usage can be accompanied by gum sores, increased bone loss, reduced chewing ability and general discomfort. 2-4 implants can easily eliminate these problems and give you strong useful mastication and the confidence to smile.

Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Stabilize and anchor dentures with implants

Several implants with crowns can offer you permanent teeth and give you back the sensation of having real teeth.

Denis & Focus Zahnklinik
Total mouth rehabilitation with implants

What happens when you need an implant?

  • Visit the dentist; have a panoramic x-ray and/or CT to determine your personal implant treatment program.
  • Implant insertion procedure.
  • 3-6 month healing period.
  • Implant exposure and tooth rehabilitation (3-4 weeks healing period). *In some cases the crown may be inserted at the same time as the implant. This procedure is known as "immediate loading".

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