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Nobel Biocare has been a leader in scientific innovations for 40 years since its first collaboration with Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark who discovered osseointegration, the process of titanium integrating with living bone. Today the company is one of the leading innovators of computer-aided design, manufacturing and treatment.

Nobel Biocare is an expert in restorative and aesthetic dental solutions, providing dental professionals with evidence-based tooth-to-root solutions. Nobel Biocare's mission is to help dental professionals to make a real and long-lasting difference to the well-being of patients.


Nobel Biocare provides dental professionals with a comprehensive range of innovative and science-based restorative solutions – from tooth to root, for all indications, from a single tooth to full arches, and supported by natural teeth or implants.

Nobel Biocare provides dental professionals with solutions which meet patients' all clinical and aesthetic needs. Today it offers a comprehensive portfolio of implants and prosthetics. It comprises solutions for all bone types and indications (from single-tooth to completely edentulous restorations).

Materials and technologies

Nobel Biocare's implants are made from pure titanium as for its affinity with bone. Nobel Biocare uses a specially treated type of titanium, therefore it delivers extra strength. Nobel Biocare's implants are produced with patented technologies, for example TiUnite and Groovy, which both enhance osseointegration.

Implant systems

Nobel Biocare has developed numerous advancements, offering the most comprehensive portfolio of implants today. The four most popular implants in the portfolio are the NobelReplace, the NobelActive, the NobelSpeedy and the Brånemark System. Together, these four implant families cover the full range of possible restorations.

NobelReplace Tapered - The Most Often Used

This type of implant is easy to use and highly predictable, both regarding surgical and restorative procedures, which has made NobelReplace Tapered one of the most widely used implant systems all over the world. It can be used for all indications and all bone types.

NobelActive - The New Direction

NobelActive is the most recently developed dental implant from Nobel Biocare. NobelActive is especially designed for extraction sockets and to be used in soft bone, as it provides unmatched initial stability.

NobelSpeedy - The Efficient

NobelSpeedy is highly popular and therefore it is one of Nobel Biocare's best selling implants. It is available with both internal and external abutment connections. It is preferred when treating completely toothless patients and with specific techniques such as All-on-4.

Brånemark System – Long Clinical Success

Brånemark System is the original among Nobel Biocare's implants. It is considered by many implantologists as the most versatile implant system in the portfolio. 20 years of clinical documentation - long-term, proven efficiency.

Abutments and overdenture bars

Nobel Biocare offers a range of different healing, temporary and final abutments as well as implant bars for all needs.

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