Edentulous jaw

Mouth without any teeth

Edentulism/ Patient without any teeth

The opportunities of how to care for edentulous patients with implants has already been mentioned. First and foremost after losing all teeth commonly prosthesis is produced, which is of good set-up.

Upper jaw toothlesness

If there are no teeth in the upper jaw the main aim in most cases is to restore the suction effect and with the help of that extreme stability can be assured. The more the jawbone is cutback with time; the more difficult it is to achieve appropriate set-up. This is especially true in the case of the lower jaw.

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Lower jaw toothlesness

The most thankful placing area of implantation is the toothless jaw. A denture based on implants which is therefore stabilized not only improves the life quality of those affected but also appearance and chewing function. Today many patients cannot or are not willing to adapt to removable total prostheses. Despite crèmes these dentures still clapper, sometimes they make strange noises and not rarely they fall out when coughing, sneezing or smiling. This often results in people affected retreating from social life. Moreover, total prosthesis often degrades the jawbone, especially in the lower jaw and then is a tight prosthesis impossible to make later on.

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Here we have two different opportunities of treatment:

  • implant based removable prostheses
  • implant based non-removable bridges

The process of treatment:

The process of treatment and the number of implants needed depend first and foremost on the condition of the jaw. In virtue of modern treatment methods of aesthetic tooth medicine the whole treatment can be realized in only four meetings. With traditional methods the realization of this may as well require 8-10 meetings. Most patients report to feel much better after the treatment than expected.

1. Before the intervention

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The dentist decides what treatment stages are required and prepares himself/herself as well as the patient to the forthcoming treatment.

2. Inserting implants

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The next stage is inserting dental implants so that the roots of the lacking teeth are replaced. In this case six implants are used. As long as the patient does not receive their permanent bridges, the implants are covered with a temporary prosthesis which can be loaded normally.

3. Inserting bridges

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The permanent bridge is anchored onto the implants. When treating a totally toothless jaw, as in this case, it normally requires 2-3 meetings before the bridge is inserted.

4. End result

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It is hardly possible for you or any other people to see the difference between natural teeth and your new teeth. Patients who had worn a conventional prosthesis before are often amazed by the end result.

Alternatives of an anchored bridge:

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1., Anchored removable prosthesis based on implants

A possible alternative is the removable covering prosthesis which is anchored in the implant. This traditional method has, however, a lot of disadvantages which should be avoided.

A removable covering prosthesis is stuck on the press-stud or a footbridge and a bleed. 

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These are anchored again on two or more implants. The implants avoid the prosthesis from falling out and function in a better way and assure better wearing comfort. In most cases cost is the deciding factor in these cases, however, the end result is beyond comparison.

2., Removable cover prostheses

Denis & Focus ZahnklinikA covering prosthesis is put on the gums loosely in order to replace lacking teeth. This alternative does not have many advantages apart from low cost and easy insertion. As opposed to that it has a lot of disadvantages like uncomfortable feeling when eating, the lack of aesthetics, problems occurring when speaking, and irritation of the gum caused by the slipping of the prosthesis. Besides the sense of taste can also be damaged by the prosthesis on the upper jaw.

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