Combined dental replacement

It is a combination of a fixed and a removable tooth replacement

Three different types of replacements can be created.

  • Fixed tooth replacement
  • Removable tooth replacement
  • And the combination of these two: a so called combined tooth replacement.

This latter consists of a combination of a fixed bridge and a removable prosthesis. This type of prosthesis is essential if the loss of teeth reaches such a condition when biting and chewing is too burdensome for the remaining teeth and may cause further damage. This type of prosthesis needs really precise work from the side of the dental technician and has to be checked and tried in between different phases of work. That is why it takes longer to manufacture this type of replacement than less difficult removable prosthesis. The cost corresponds with this fact. First the teeth are grinded down. After that the fixed parts like crowns, bridges in the primer part of telescopic crowns are produced. After trying in these, the further impression taking for the removable parts follows and these are produced. The next step is try-in for control. Extensive toothlessnes is similar to total toothlessnes and requires the registration of bite and adjustment of bite.

Combined prosthesis is a sensible alternative in many cases. Here are at least two teeth provided with a crown and the linking elements like anchor, slide, telescopes or conus crowns are worked in. Above these linking elements are removable prosthesis joined to the rest of the dentition. They all have the following advantages: optimal loading of the teeth and no loosening of the teeth, the best opportunities for cleaning and therefore protection for gingival problems and caries. Combined prosthesis without cribs offer high wearing comfort and excellent aesthetic results.

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