Dental crown

Crowns -They bring back your beautiful smile

Crowns are the ideal solution to repair teeth, which are damaged or broken. With the help of the crown the tooth regains its original, natural form. Treated dental cavity damages or very large fillings are ‘crowned” during this process. Porcelain crowns on metal caps: these crowns fulfil the highest criteria for biocompatibility and aesthetics and offer a long-lasting stability and durable natural colour. Ceramic is able to withstand a high chewing force and is firmly connected to the metal frame.


Metal-ceramic or all-ceramic crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns consist of a nickel-free metal frame (cobalt-chromium alloy), which is veneered with ceramic. In contrast all-ceramic crowns are prepared without any metal, therefore the crown looks much more natural. Zirconium ceramic crowns offer a transparency and translucence that renders them indistinguishable from the natural tooth. Our Denis & Focus Dental Centre recommends all-ceramic crowns for aesthetic reasons, especially for the treatment of the visible anterior teeth. Perfect aesthetics and unprecedented durability.


The integrated crowns of our dental clinic are prepared at the own dental laboratory of the clinic. Therefore the coordination between the specialist dentist and the dental technician is ensured during any phase of the treatment.


Bridge with ceramic gums – red aesthetics – more beautiful gums for beautiful teeth

A beautiful smile is the harmony composed by gums and teeth. Deviations from the standards for example a visible gum recession, periodontitis might mean a sensitive deterioration of the cosmetic overall appearance. This gum recession is facilitated by extremely thin gums and often also by incorrect teeth brushing. In contrast to periodontitis gum recession is not caused by inflammation. When the gum recedes between the teeth, an impression of dark holes, so called ‘black triangles’, occur. In order to avoid this, the gum is formed with the help of ceramic, these are ceramic gums.


Pivot tooth with crown

If the natural tooth crown is completely damaged but the tooth root in the jaw is still worth preserving, a pivot crown is prepared. For this, a pivot or screw structure is anchored in the root canal, which in form looks like a grinded tooth. The crown is placed onto this construction.



The risk of allergy to metals

Each form of foreign material used in dentistry takes us into the field of residual risk. The lack of risk is only guaranteed by the use of body-identical materials. But we can reduce the risk significantly by the use of all-ceramic crowns and bridges made of zirconium-oxide.

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