Total prosthesis, locator -, bar prosthesis

Full dentures - "third teeth"

Total prosthesis or full denture are referred to as removable dentures in dentistry, which replace lost teeth on one or both jaws. This type of dental prostheses is simply placed on the upper or lower jaw, and only in case of the upper jaw suction is created with the help of saliva to hold the denture in the right position. The more reduced the alveolar ridge is, the worse the hold of the prosthesis, whereby the underfeeding or glue only offer short-term solution.


Total prosthesis consist of the gum-coloured base made of plastic and plastic teeth, which are worked into the base. Total prosthesis are commonly called ‘third teeth’ or ‘dentures’. The aim of using total prosthesis is to restore the chewing function of patients. Moreover, full dentures provide the restoration of the linguistic and aesthetic function of the jaw and mouth area, by supporting the cheek and lip parts, which fall in in case of complete loss of the teeth.

Implants – artificial tooth roots – are the best option for permanent hold. On these implants different kind of holding devices are fixed.

Alternatives to fixed full dentures by implants

1., Anchoring of the dental prosthesis with ball abutment or locator 


2., Anchoring of the dental prosthesis with the help of bars


Implant supported dentures are considered as a classical solution. Implant supported dentures guarantee permanent fit of the full prosthesis, even in case of not ideal initial conditions. Via a special mechanism, a so-called locator or bar the prosthesis is fixed on 4 implants. This ensures firm hold and enables the restoration of the necessary chewing function and clear pronunciation. For cleaning the dentures are removable. Dental implants prevent the slipping and moving of the prosthesis. Costs are usually the reason why this solution is chosen, although the end result can’t be compared. In case of this solution at least 2 implants are used, 3 implants are applied in rare cases. But the classic concept includes 4 implants.



  • Good hold without prosthesis adhesives!
  • Easy handling! Removable for cleaning with just one click!
  • No palatal plate, no nausea!
  • Can be worn even at night! Great stability.
  • Best wearing comfort via firm hold.
  • Highest durability and life quality.
  • Good chewing function.
  •  Prevention of bone loss.

Final result

It is hardly impossible to distinguish new dentures from natural teeth. Those patients, who had conventional prosthesis before their implant supported full dentures, are often amazed and overwhelmed by the result.

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