3D Volume Tomography

Cranex 3D CT digital volume tomography

At our dental clinic we use a top-quality diagnostic device, called dental digital volume tomography, for a safe diagnosis and planning of treatments. The examination costs 120 €. The taken images are recorded on CD, so it can also be taken away by our patients.

This method provides detailed views of dental tissues that make even exceptional details visible, more detailed and precise than the best panorama X-ray image. Viewing and condition survey is possible from every angle in three dimensions. The information provided not only improves diagnosis, but also makes visible almost imperceptible, but important, some tenth of a millimetre large changes, so they can be localised and examined. This method is also the basis of a more successful and permanent treatment.

The image is taken in a few minutes. The use of the device is completely safe: it can be used for children, elderly people and even during pregnancy. Using this CT device oral surgery can be planned and carried out completely safe, as the oral surgeon, who carries out the treatment, can examine the whole operation area from all directions.


  • The oral surgeon of our Denis & Focus Dental Centre is able to recognize defects and risks better and sooner, than in case of conventional panorama X-ray images.
  • It allows a better opportunity to evaluate jaw and bone quantity and its quality, so implant placement can be planned more reliably.
  • The risks of surgery are reduced.
  • Therapeutic options and possibilities become more obvious.

In all cases our aim is to give you a beautiful smile – for many years. We are very proud that our technical equipment meets all the requirements of modern dentistry and belongs to the highest standard both in Hungary, and in whole Europe.

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