Digital panoramic x-ray

Digital panoramic x-ray imaging: A modern and gentle way of examination


Digital x-ray imaging is an essential part of modern and minimally invasive dentistry of nowadays. If the dentist would like to determine the condition of the patient’s teeth, there are several means available. At the beginning of the examination a detailed conversation with the patient, the examination of the teeth and the x-ray diagnosis are essential. Not every area in the mouth can be examined only by sight. So the dentist can neither have a look at the interdental spaces nor inside the tooth or the jawbone, where the tooth roots are. In order to obtain final certainty in connection with the health status of the area, the dentist has the option to use digital x-ray technology to examine in the most gentle and comprehensive way.

Digital x-ray technology has become an integral part of modern dental examination methods. It allows dentists to capture images about tooth and bone structures, which could not be examined by the dentist otherwise. In this way digital imaging technologies play an important role in the dental industry and improve the lives of dental patients. 


  • The dentist receives a digital tooth image within seconds which can be used immediately for assessment of the tooth status and can be discussed with the patient or colleagues.
  • An unbeatable advantage is that digital x-ray technologies use 90 per cent less radiation than analogue film counterparts.

  • Digital x-ray images have a higher resolution than conventional pictures and provide an excellent image of tooth and bone structures. In addition the pictures can be reworked directly and brightness and contrast can be adjusted easily. So the images can be enhanced for improved diagnostics and greater precision in treatment planning.
  • Digital images can be transmitted easily to patients, other attending physicians or aftercare physicians, complicated and qualitatively bad copies are a thing of the past.
  • Digital technology protects the environment: analogue x-ray films and especially the necessary processing chemicals, which were used in case of conventional x-rays, are eliminated completely. This technology provides practices with a greener option and plays an important role in the preservation of a healthy environment.

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