Root canal treatment

A highly promising opportunity to save teeth from the forceps is root canal treatment.

Here we illustrate what root canal filling is and why it is occasionally the only opportunity to save the tooth.



The tooth consists of tooth crown, which is the visible part of the tooth in the mouth, and the root, which is anchored in the bone. The root ends in one or more root apex through which blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth. Through these vessels teeth receive the essential blood supply. The nerve makes sure that we realize cold and heat.

The nerve in the tooth which reaches the crown of the tooth through a thin canaliculus is what may cause strong pain. Especially then when caries or bacteria are inflamed. If inflammation of the tooth nerve develops, it can also assault the jaw on long term. The tooth becomes sensitive to bite block and becomes loose which may make the removal of the tooth essential in the end.


To avoid that, your dentist will recommend root canal filling. In this process the inflamed nerve is removed and the root canal is widened and cleaned, finally treated with medicine. This may require several appointments until the inflammation goes down in the end. Only after that can the dentist put the filling material into the tooth root and close it down from bacteria. Generally, it is sensible to treat the tooth with a crown for stability reasons.

Root canal filling is an effective opportunity to save the tooth from the forceps. The sooner the problem is discovered and treated, the higher the chance for success. Your dentist can inform you whether root canal treatment can be performed as a tooth-conserving opportunity in your given case.

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