Intravenous narcosis

"Already when I hear that noise ..."
for the dentist and dental treatments?
Intravenous narcosis!
"twilight sleep" sedation
What can I do against anxiety for dental treatments?

For an intravenous narcosis an anaesthetist needs to be booked extra. As a result of this the prior condition of booking sedation and an anaesthetist is an x-ray and a first examination.

Even adults tend to push forward essential dental treatments because they are afraid of pain. Others feel everything else but well when they have managed to go to the dentist' office. The mouth gets dry, the hands get humid and you wish it was already over. Anxiety or certain concerns themselves are not irrational. Some treatments like drilling or injections cause unpleasant feelings and pain. Everyone wants to stay unharmed and the feeling of anxiety helps to protect you from avoidable hazard. Intravenous narcosis solves all these problems!

You will not be able to remember the treatment for two reasons:

  1. Through intravenous narcosis your sense of perception is influenced, the body comes to total relaxation and the whole external world is ignored.

  2. Pharmaceuticals used during intravenous sedation can cause total or partial memory gaps for the time of treatment. As a result, treatment time passes by really fast and you will either not be able to remember the treatment or you will only have memories about parts of the treatment. Later it may seem as if you had been asleep during the treatment.
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7 reasons why you should choose intravenous narcosis?

  • If treatments patient undergoes are complex and take up a lot of time.
For complete treatments like implantation, sinus extraction, total restoration of the mouth, multiple crowns, multiple root canal treatment, extraction of several tooth, extensive periodontal procedure intravenous narcosis gives the opportunity for you to feel comfortably and it creates optimal working conditions for the dentist.
Don't you have enough time for several appointments for different treatments? Intravenous narcosis makes it possible to perform several treatments at a time.
  • If you are really afraid of dental treatments.
  • If you suffer from sensitivity of the pharynx.
  • If you tend to get gag easily

Sedation relieves the pharyngeal reflex and assures that the conscious sensation is neutralized which creates optimal working conditions for the dentist.

  • If you are especially sensitive to pain.

All of us have different pain thresholds. In some cases local anaesthesia cannot neutralize all senses but with our sedation technology dental treatments are always painless and even hours seem to be minutes.

  • If you have disabilities

If you are physically disabled or suffer from chronic backache and you have difficulties sitting motionless and stand still for a long time, sedation is the solution. Patients with mental disabilities often have cooperation problems at the dentist's, this makes treatments more complicated, cause otherwise evitable delays and stress for the dentist and the patient as well. Our sedation technology solves this problem comfortably and safely.

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The process:

Medicine (Midazolam) is brought into the bloodstream through a cannula. A thin cannula is put in a vein of an arm or hand which is removed after the treatment. The greatest benefit is the gap of memory caused by anxiolysis. As a result patients remember absolutely nothing or only have partial memories of the treatment. During the treatment oxygen level and heart frequency are controlled continually, blood pressure is checked before and after the treatment too.

Pay attention to the following:

  1. The effect of medication starts to fade away only after treatment. That is why patient needs to be observed for another 30 minutes after treatment and after that only allowed to leave the clinic with an adult companion.
  2. Intravenous narcosis influences your level of concentration, therefore, patient is advised against driving.
  3. Consuming intoxicants or alcohol is strongly forbidden.
  4. Patients suffering from asthma are not allowed to undergo this type of sedation.
  5. Patients mustn't eat two hours prior undergoing intravenous narcosis.

Possible complications which may arise during intravenous narcosis:

There are three different types of narcosis in the field of dental health: local anaesthesia combined with sedative tablets, inhalation sedation (laughing gas) and intravenous sedation. We perform two types of sedation: inhalation and intravenous sedation.
Patient under one of these types of sedation is conscious and their approachability is assured.
These technologies make best cooperation with the dentist possible.

Should you have any further questions, we are at your disposal. We look forward to your hearing your appointment request, so we can convince you of the high quality our services and win your confidence. We remain in deep respect and hope to see you soon personally.

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