Painless Anaesthesia

The Wand – The Magic Stick

Painless anaesthetizing injection

Studies have shown that if you administer an uncomfortable injection for the patient, yet have a flawless procedure – patient will only remember the injection. Whereas if you administer a very comfortable injection and have a flawless procedure the result is referrals.


With the Wand STA set pain arising during giving injection can be eliminated in the case of intraligamentary, local and targeted regional injections. With this set it is also possible to anesthetize one single tooth!

  • Using the Wand results in higher effectivity of treatments and can upgrade patients pain threshold
  • The Wand makes more precise work possible, creates maximal efficiency in the dentist's office and results in higher patient satisfaction
  • Patient's worries and operational stress can be reduced by this set


Intraligamentary injections can be administered more precisely and with less stress as STA provides audio and visual confirmation of proper anaesthetic delivery. As a result of that these injections cause significantly less stress for patient.

Proper usage of STA increases precision prevents needle deflection and improves dentist's ability to achieve success the first time.

Other great advantages of STA are that dentist can start working immediately and that patient can follow his/her daily routine without collateral numbness of the the whole or a part of the oral cavity.
STA's computer controlled delivery allows you to administer anaesthetic below patient's pain threshold – without utilizing patient's least favourite instrument, the dental syringe.

The most predictable injection ever used.

STA Wand allows dentist to anesthetize one single tooth, without collateral numbness.

STA delivers profound anaesthesia for 45-60 minutes. With this set you can stop waiting for the Block as it uses a primary technique which starts working immediately.

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