Gingival recession

Gingival recession caused by too hard brushing

Deficient and not appropriate brushing leads to the development of caries, gingival atrophy and diseases of the periodontium. Therefore, you should avoid horizontal movements with clenched teeth during brushing. For appropriate care move the brush from the gum (red) to the teeth (white) and use circling movements. Too strong brushing should, however, be avoided as the gingiva may decline as a result. Brushing often follows unconsciously and you usually think of other things during doing it.

Try to concentrate and follow your movements at least during brushing your teeth in the evening. A normal short-headed brush is about as wide as two teeth. Normal bite contains 14 teeth up and 14 teeth down. Firstly, brush the outer surface of the teeth. Open your mouth slightly and begin at the last molar teeth of the upper jaw on the left. Perform small, circling movements on two or three teeth at once with sleight pressure. Do it about ten times. After that move the brush a bit forward and perform the same movement. This way you can clean your teeth in small stages until you reach the right side of the upper jaw. 


Do the same with the lower jaw. Start with the molar teeth on the left. Do not forget about the inner side of your teeth either. In the end brush the chewing surface. At this point you are allowed to graze your teeth seesaw. In the end, the mouth is washed up sturdy so that brushed away rests of food are removed. After that irrigate and clean interdental spaces with a floss. Do not forget about the mucus surface of the tongue and the gum, either, as rests of food can get stuck here and may lead to bad smell. If you follow this rhythm, or perform it in a slightly modified way, it soon will become unconscious and an automatism.

Even if the condition of your teeth is good, you should see your dentist twice a year!

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