Treatments of patients taking anticoegluants

Treatment of patients taking anticoagulants / blood thinning medicine 

When you arrive at our dental clinic for the first time, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Apart from your personal data there are also questions in connection with your state of health.

Dental treatments including implant measures are not major interventions, nevertheless under certain circumstances they represent a potential danger for your well-being.


Important and nice-to-know things

Particular attention should be paid to blood thinning medicine, which should be used in case of various heart and vascular diseases. Among patients who take such medicine, heavy bleeding might occur during certain dental treatments. The use of blood thinning medicine does not generally exclude general dental treatments or implantation. Interdisciplinary cooperation between the dentist and the GP is very important in relation to this matter.

The patient shall in no way stop the use of the ordered medicine suddenly of his/her own choice, but should consult with the physician, who may advise to stop taking the medicine and replace them by other medical products.


Blood test for successful treatment

In order to exclude all risks, not to endanger the well-being under any circumstances, we ask our patients who would like to undergo treatment at our clinic, for blood tests, where blood coagulation time, bleeding time and prothrombin level are determined.

On request you can have such tests carried out at the local hospital which is situated in the vicinity of our dental clinic. The results are available within one hour. During the implementation (escort to the hospital, pick up the results) we are happy to assist you.

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