Bone build-up

How to produce a solid basis?

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Source: Bio Oss bone replacement material for build-up

When implanting the artificial roots into the jaw enough bone substance is essential for the stabile anchoring of appropriately big and long implants. If this pre-condition is non-existent, a so called bone build-up / augmentation is essential. Depending on the given case different techniques may be applied. During this operation the essential bone substance can be restored. During the process of boring with the help of special filters bone flour is caught and mixed with bone replacement material and used for creating an appropriate backup for the implants. In case of a slender jaw it is possible to prepare the jaw for the implantation through bone spreading. With this time-proven technique the chisel is stretched to the bone. The implants are planted into the so resulted gap and the remaining hollow space is filled with the patient's own bone or bone replacement particles. In specific cases a bigger piece of bone is taken away from somewhere else and fixed on the target place with a small screw. Such a bone block needs some moths for healing before being able to load it by implants securely. In the process of sinus lift - as a specific process used in the sideward teeth area of the upper jaw – the patient's own bone, respectively bone build-up material is incorporated in the hollow spaces of the jaw, lifting it so that the implant is anchored safely.

Dental Clinic in Hungary

Illustration: Bone build-up on a thin jaw for the intake of the implants.

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