Root tip resection (apicoectomy) is often the last possibility to provide a ‘good bite’.

Tooth resection is an operation, where certain parts of the tooth are removed.

A root resection is considered in cases, when comprehensive root canal treatment is not possible anymore or no healing is achieved after several attempts. It is usually the last attempt to save the tooth. Thereby large parts of the root mass can be saved, so the tooth does not die and does not need to be extracted.

Our oral surgeon resects the damaged parts of the tooth. In most instances the surgery is carried out in a dental surgery. During the resection not the whole tooth root is removed, but only a part of it. In many cases the root tip is removed. In case of the so-called root tip resection (apicoectomy) the dentist has to proceed with maximum caution and contrary to the normal root canal treatment, the root has to be exposed through the gums and the jawbone. The infected tissue will be removed along with the last few millimetres of the root tip.                                                            

The root tip resection can save a tooth so to say at the last minute, but there are also disadvantages:

The tooth root will be shortened, so the tooth may become unstable. In this case it is not suitable as a single abutment tooth for bridges. The intervention includes risks, which may occur during a dental operation, such as damage to the nerves, blood vessels or adjacent teeth. An increased risk in case of cardiac patients is not given. Earlier this was assumed, so many teeth were sacrificed. However, precautionary treatment with antibiotics seems to be useful.

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