SonicWeld Rx® – New Dimensions for Implant Patients

Revolutionary Augmentation Process for Any Bone Quality

Shell technique with SonicWeld Rx® offers a totally new, innovative process for fixing bone build-up material and membrane. This art of bone extension finally makes it possible for many patients to have implants who had been advised against receiving implants previously.

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This minimally invasive bone augmentation process is based on formally stabile, resorbing materials with ultrasound fixing. Thereby the so called PDLLA(=Poly-D-L-Lactic)-Pins and PDLLA-Membranes blend with each other which elicit extreme stability. The PDLLA-Material honoured for its highly unsurpassed body tolerance and trustful decomposition which means that these materials do not need to be removed later on.

After the installation of the Pins the membrane can be laid onto the augment and with a Sonic Pins fixed by use of accurately defined ultrasound. The membrane can be adjusted to the profile of the receiving bone and this way an ideal bone basis can be created for implants.

A horizontal as well as vertical bone augmentation can be made. A further advantage is that this art of bone build-up follows without any bone block removal.

Clinical Validation

Histologic Findings

During the process no thermic tissue damages or necrosis appears. Due to the application of ultrasound there is no indication for an initial inflammation reaction. During the process no bone damaging consecutive reaction takes place. The smooth tissue reaction can be graded as non-irritating.

Mechanic Findings:

SonicPins Rx has a considerably higher mechanical stiffness than traditional absorbable fixing systems. Obvious is the improved primary stability of SonicPins Rx thanks to the direct anchoring of polymer into the trabecular meshwork of the bone.

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