Surgical tooth extraction

We’d rather preserve teeth, than extract them. But sometimes we protect your health by doing so.

If one or more teeth cannot be saved despite all efforts, they have to be extracted. Surgical tooth extractions are routine procedures nowadays.



Surgical tooth extraction might be necessary for several reasons. It may occur that teeth are extensively damaged, impacted or there are excess teeth. In case of adhesion with the bone or in case of extremely curved tooth roots, only surgical tooth extraction is a possible solution, with a subsequent wound car.

During the procedure initially the affected tooth will be loosened and then with a tong-like instrument or a dental lever removed from the jaw bone. The resultant gap will be cleaned and the mucous membrane above will be sutured.

Should the tooth break during the procedure, or the dental crown has not been present previously or the tooth is deeply damaged, it might be necessary to remove parts of the bone, to get access to the tooth root. After the complete tooth removal stronger bleeding might occur. The patient has to bite on a pad, until the bleeding stops.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Teeth can also be displaced or unable to break through, emerge. They can press neighbouring teeth, as a result the other teeth are shifted or cause pain. This often occurs in case of not emerged or partially grown out (retained) wisdom teeth, so in these cases the removal is strongly recommended. Otherwise pain, inflammation, damage of the neighbouring teeth and tooth shifting may occur.

In case of retained teeth, after sufficient local anaesthesia, access is obtained via the gums or possibly via the bone, to the affected tooth. This way it can be removed, eventually after dividing it. The wound in the gum area is sutured carefully after the treatment.

These procedures are usually carried out under local anaesthesia, in exceptional cases with intravenous narcosis.

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